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Add sense & simplicity to your team scrums!

Track reports, gather ideas and collect feedback across the company.

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NinjaHR Lets You

Get Reports

Create reports the way you want for groups and get reports on a daily or weekly basis.

Report creation is as simple as drag and drop and we provide predefined questions.


Review Reports

The manager of the group reads the report and he grades the performance.

Members are notified of the review and this makes them work better.

Reward Members

The manager rewards the members for their hard work and dedication.

Rewards can be badges, gift cards or other physical rewards to motivate the group.



Do daily scrums & collect reports right inside slack.

Never miss a report

Do scrums inside slack

Do away with email and online reporting, just use slack to do your scrums.

Everyone stays informed and all this happens in the slack channel of your choice.

Slack reports

Get answers via Email

Everyone receives an email when the report submission is due.

Members can fill the report in the email itself and submit it on the go, without logging on to the web application.

Collect via web/mobile interface

If your ninjas miss the email they can always submit their reports via the web or mobile phones

Everyone stays informed and you get to know who is upto what.

Summary email



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